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CH Control

Sviluppatore Andrew Dyer

CH Control is a remote allowing to control all the CH Precision home audio products. CH Control works on Android tablets.Not only does the remote give access to the usual settings of a home audio system such as volume control or source selection, but it also supports all the advanced setup parameters, allowing you to tune your system while comfortably sitting in the sweet spot.CH Control also includes a UPnP controller allowing you to browse, create playlists and play music from a NAS drive to the CH system. Available track information and album art cover are accessible by the app.The remote works through Wi-Fi and connects to a regular Ethernet network into which all the units are connected.
* Glue between the CH Precision audio units, the features of all the products are accessible through a single application* UPnP controller* Volume control, source selection, phase reversal, mute, etc* Access to all the advanced setup parameters* Works on a standard Ethernet network
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